Our belief in the potential of every individual, team and organization inspires us to enable the journey to high performance. These resources are designed to help you activate the principals of the Diamond Performance Framework and live with a Glad To Be Here mindset. 


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Each of our products is offered to provide a specific purpose. It can be to enhance a keynote experience, reinforce key concepts, or empower individuals and teams in the

Glad To Be Here mindset.

Glad to Be Here Wake-up

The core of the Glad To Be Here exercise is straightforward: wake up happy, every single day. Align your first thoughts of each day on the people and things that you are grateful for. It is a simple practice that can help develop a habitual positive mindset. Here, in John’s words, are three steps to start each day right.


Glad To Be Here Wake-up





Glad To Be Here A List For Reflection

Diamond Performance Framework

The Diamond Performance Framework builds on the strategic management theory that teaches vision, planning, execution, and feedback by incorporating belief levels, extreme levels of buy-in and commitment from both leadership and team members. Based on John Foley’s experiences as a Navy fighter pilot, including three years with the Blue Angels, John applied these experiences to the business theory he learned at Stanford University as a Sloan Fellow. 


Diamond Performance Framework





Keys to Implementation

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